Report Your Small Fraudulent Charges

If you got hit with a small fraudulent charge (AKA spam charge) on your credit or debit card, please comment about it here and let the searching world know!

For information about Spam Charges, visit

I just added a new post focuses on DECORATION ART, LLC — comment there on that charge and here for others.

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  1. R Mollenauer says:


    This was on my bank statement, in the amount of $54.00. What is it? Oh, they said it’s “Dr. Bernstein.” Who the HELL is Dr. Bernstein? I don’t have doctors who have my debit card number.

    If I sound pissed, I AM!!!

  2. Terri says:

    I had two fraudulent charges applied to my Prepaid Wal-Mart Money card. One was from Safe T Tek, Inc. They list a number as 1-503-262-9100. I get a voicemail, but thats all. The other was listed as Tri V Pilot Car & Flag. I called the number and spoke with a man who stated its his wife’s company and they have been out of business for 5 years. Each charge was $20.01. Not a huge deal, unless ofcourse that s about all you have, which is my case! If anyone knows how to fix this….help please!

  3. Gemima says:

    This is a company which somehow obtains you cell phone number then solicits you with texts that cost $.99 each. A phone on my line was charged $84.15 without any kind of acknowledgement on my end. I am currently disputing the charge. Word to the wise–pay attention to your bill and contact your carrier immediately. T-Mobile was unwilling to investigate this charge and has essentially left me to my own resources to contest this charge and pursue a refund with this company.

  4. Rain says:

    I checked my bank statement last night and I had noticed that there was a rather large transaction that I did NOT commit. I used my debit card once that day, and it was to put in a check into the ATM. I then checked my account to see if the check went through. That’s when I noticed a charge to some followed by a bunch of numbers. Whatever it was, they charged me $74.99. Considering that I am in college with a part time job, that’s quite a bit of money to me! I was really pissed off so I naturally called the bank first to let them know that there was a fraudulent charge to my card. They decided to block my card and send me a new one. Meanwhile, this transaction is still processing, the bank said there wasn’t much to do until the transaction clears. Once it clears, I’m not really sure what they are going to do about it. I tried calling this CCBill company and an automated voice said that my “current wait time for the next representative will be one minute.” After 27 minutes of listening to their smooth jazz and automated voices, I hung up. This is really annoying. And I have to wait 5 business days for my card to come in.

  5. Addison Ryburn says:

    To Everyone,

    Most of you have probally used your CC in your local ATM, then anoymous charges were put on your CC or DC. Thefts install Cerdit Catd Skimmers on your local ATM, which take a picture of your CC and copy the data off the magnetic strip. Then they either get the data via Wireless or go and get it off the ATM. But it dosen’t get any better at all. They even have a hidden camera or fake keypad installed on the ATM, which get your pin number. Then they duplicate your CC or DB using a Credit Card Duplicator. Then, they use it at a ATM or use it online. Before your use any ATM, pull on the Card Slot. If it’s a skimmer, it should come right off. You could also cover the keypad while puting in your pin number. For more information, vist

    Hope you never get scammed again!

  6. brmorris says:


    Thanks for the info. I would add that this is just one way the bad guys steal info. It is much more common to steal the data from store and bank databases, which is not preventable by the consumer.

  7. MF says:

    If you read one post, read this one.

    CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING: “Just text REDCROSS to 90999.” Another website says “Donating by text is easy to do, and it’s secure. “”All you have to do is start a new message, type 50555 just like that’s the phone number, send the message that says 7CARES all one word, on your cell phone at the end of the month, you’ll see that 10 dollar charge.” Your cell company bills you, and your information and money is given to some company for their accounting purposes. Perfectly legal and legit, and so EASY.

    THE PROBLEM: AT&T and most cell phone companies allow your credit card information to go to ANY company who bills you, and they assume you agree to the charges.

    ILLEGAL ACTIVITY: A text comes in like this “Company X, $10 a month for ringtones or horoscope. Text STOP to STOP charges.” Or “You’ve been selected to receive a FREE$50 Target Gift voucher Call 18886844708 to redeem. Text STOP to STOP.”

    My gut reaction is to type “STOP” and hit send, and this is the AT&T’s operator’s official recommendation too!! (WHAT!!??) But before we had our savings deleted, I would NEVER submit to this type of harassment and illegal business practice- so I ignored it.

    (What if all these companies start sending this once a minute or once per second? Must I sit there typing STOP to EVERY scam that comes thru?)

    “YOUR” FAULT: Ignoring these text means you didnt send STOP to the criminal’s computer, and they bill you via AT&T. What if I dont know how to text? What if I dont WANT to text? What if I’m on vacation for a week and leave my phone in my suitcase? What if I use my phone ONLY for emergencies?

    GOTCHA: The Red Cross can be trusted, but what if some other company, like CCBill, sells or gives that information to someone else? Now your cell company sends your card info, address and some other fairly secret info like bank routing numbers and account numbers to ANYONE WHO ASKS FOR IT. Now they can go straight to your bank and wipe out your checking and savings.

    It happened to my wife, twice, within a month.

    I asked AT&T to make sure this never happened again, the first time it happened. I was assured it would not. It did. We’re not REMOTELY amused.

    SHOW ME THE MONEY: ATT gave us IP addresses and emails and the paper trail, and they were helpful and seemed to anticipate our needs as if this is common activity. Astonishingly, the bank refunded our money in a few days after we filed charges and had notarized papers sent.

    THE POLICE: The local police didnt even know what an IP address was so they were completely inept and couldnt help us (they tried “so you think your card was copied at the grocery store where you used it last?” DUH, NO! We explained our paper trail and electronic trail and we’re basically expecting no help from the police. The made no follow up calls over thousands of dollars stolen. So tell me, what are the police for, again? I’m sorry, but they are disgustingly powerless in this situation.) ***

    TRACKING THE PERPS: We called CCBill, the company AT&T showed as the folks who billed us for Horoscope nonsense at $10 a month (which we didnt realize for 2 months, unauthorized charges that AT&T gave back to us), and we were armed with lots of info. On the second or third call to CCBill, they refunded the money- surprisingly. And then THEY gave us their “data” to trace the criminal activity which took place through their company “somehow.”

    3RD COMPANY’S A CHARM – So the company responsible for stealing our entire bank account is basically a website front, and guess who’s phone number is listed on the bottom? We called it, and it led us right back to a CCbill operator who said it was probably a subsidiary company of theirs.

    THE SCAM WEBSITE: It was one of those “penny auction” scam sites that has like 50 flashing numbers and countdowns, designed to attract people with flashing pictures of expensive cars and iPads. (Sorry but no sane person would use these sites- that’s why I’m not naming it here- I dont want people to access the 3rd site and possibly get sucked in.)

    LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR: If it’s hard to follow, I’ll simplify it. ATT led us to CCBill, CCbill led us to Company 3, and Company 3 is a front for CCBill. No wonder CCbill gave back the money. It’s MAJOR fraud- and we are going to follow through with fraud charges against all parties who we think are in collusion.

    QUESTIONS REMAIN- do we abandon AT&T if we cant get them to STOP giving out our private information? Is that collusion with the other companies? And if we do leave AT&T, are we going to find safe billing at another cell company, or will ANY cell company simply give out our credit card info to whoever asks for it? If this is the case, I’m going back to the can & string and hiding my cash in my sock drawer.

    FOR THE RECORD: We do not buy ringtones, we dont use horoscopes or religious scam ads, we would never, EVER want to deal with people like them. (For what it’s worth, if you believe in horoscopes, please send your credit card information to me, I’ll be sure to charge you in proportion to your own stupidity.)

  8. E. Baley says: charged my bank account a total of $39.95. I called the company and the very rude “customer service rep” told me it was a legit charge for STOPzilla virus protection. I told him we don’t use that and he told me it would take 10 days to get my money back. I asked to speak to a manager he said no, I told him I was calling the BBB and he laughed and hung up. Here’s there website:

  9. KM says:

    I recently got a fraudulent charge that I have see listed elsewhere on the net, but not here.


  10. Jeffrey says:

    What you guys can do is have an online chat with CC bill advisors. They will be able to help you find the services that are on your account and they will be able to cancel it.

    Use the link provided and click on “online live chat”. One of the advisors will be able to help you out with your issue. Ps: give your email address to the advisor (will be really helpful)

    Be safe and enjoy !

  11. shri says:

    My checking account showed a debit for $34.95 from *Cody 888-5969279, that too in a future date/time.
    Called up bank and got my account blocked.

  12. Jw says:


    Fraudulent charge on Walmart Visa Moneycard on Sept 6th, 2014 for 39.84 – info for charge 8442050874PWRWBHSTNW POMPANO BEACHFL ..

    I don’t live anywhere near Pompano beach florida and this card is only used for 3 or 4 items that recur monthly for convenience but was used at Home depot on Aug 31st. for a one-time purchase. Charge found and reported Immediately to Walmart Moneycard but since it is “pending” they state they can’t do anything until the charge is finalized which can be another nearly two weeks. Meanwhile the funds are “gone”. They said the charge only showed a bunch of numbers and pompano beach and beyond that no info either. Too coincidental that Home Depot is being investigated for security breach with CC info that became public on Tuesday Sept 2nd…

  13. RAJ says:

    i have received a transaction notification from my CITIBANK credit card. Was notify me that i have done transaction on PAYPAL USD1.00 and transaction on USD29.31 which i did not perform the transaction.

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