Report Your Small Fraudulent Charges

If you got hit with a small fraudulent charge (AKA spam charge) on your credit or debit card, please comment about it here and let the searching world know!

For information about Spam Charges, visit

I just added a new post focuses on DECORATION ART, LLC — comment there on that charge and here for others.

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  1. Erik Carter says:

    I was charged $4.60 by Decoration Art LLC to my Debit Card Monday 1.17.11 The company states that there is no one available to take the call and to email them. The bank says that I have to fill out a police report to have any chance at getting the money back. What a scam, is the State of Florida doing anything about it?

  2. East Coaster says:

    I was fraudulently charged $4.60 from Decoration Art, LLC in FL (904-693-2471). This was on my VISA that I do not use, and is not associated with any account online. This is my emergency card that no one has, other than my locked safe. I have no idea how they got my credit card number.

  3. Tanya says:

    I also was charged 4.60 from the company Decoration Art llc. I just can’t beleive they are still geting away with this!! I had to cancel my card and need to wait 14 days for a new one!!

  4. HS says:

    I was hit with a .96 charge from MAMAS 3 RING CIRCUS on my debit card. It’s the second time we’ve been hit with fraudulent activity with one of our debit cards.

  5. Angela says:

    I was hit by Decoration Art as well…$4.60 charge to my debit card. Called my bank and filed it as a fraudulent charge and canceled my debit card. I ‘m currently waiting on my new card. Like everyone else I called the numbers that the bank was disconnected and the other was a barely understandable voicemail. Very frustrating that they can’t be stopped.

  6. Bruce says:

    Decoration Art LLC got us as well for $7.60 on 1/20/11. Canceled card and disputed transaction. Hopefully there is a extra hot corner set up for them in the place for them where they end up.

  7. Renee says:

    I was also charged $1.60 from Decoration Art LLC. I called the bank they gave me a number to call but you couldn’t understand what was being said. I found this site and reported it to my bank as a fraudulent charge. Had to cancel my card, file an unauthorized debit card transaction.

  8. Lisa says:

    I was just hit with a $4.60 charge on my debit card from Decoration Art, LLC. I also called my bank and had my card cancelled and have to file for a fraudulent charge and get a police report. When I called the number that showed on my accout for Decoration Art LLC, it has been disconnected.

  9. Andy says:

    Also had the 4.60 charge on our CC for Deco Art LLC…caught it at the preauthroizing stage so will go in frist thing on Monday to cancel and disupte the charge. Somebody needs to stop them. Good luck all.

  10. darleen says:

    they got my card back in nov 2010 and now the man send a letter to my bank and he is stating that is a valid charge. he send my bank a transaction receipt. i never ordered from this place. my bank belevies him and when they credited me the 4.60 they took it out again a few days ago. going to bank on mon to fight this. this guy is getting rich he needs shut down.

  11. jenny says:

    Decoration Art LLC got my cc too. Also for the amount of $4.60. Had to cancel card and fill out charge dispute form. What a pain ~ why can’t these people be stopped?

  12. Melinda says:

    I just found a charge of $4.60 on my debit card. The charge was made by Decoration Art LLC on 1/23/11. I’ll have to cancel my debit card. I’ll file a police report. Already told my bank.

  13. Christina says:

    I was also just hit on 1/24/11 for $4.60 from Decoration Art LLC. I called my bank to cancel my debit card. What a hassle!

  14. Becki says:

    Noticed last night that there’s a pending transaction of $7.60 on my account from Decoration Art LLC. Called the bank this morning and had to cancel the Mastercard debit card that I’ve had for 5 years to get a new one. Will be going down later to sign the dispute form. Some jerk must have got the idea to run numbers until he found a common set. Hopefully he’ll be stopped soon.

  15. Suzanne says:

    I had a fraudulent charge on my debit card for $4.60 in December 2010. The charge was made by Decoration Art LLC. I tried the phone number, it was disconnected. However I just got an email from them saying they refunded my money. I claimed I didn’t make the purchase. Darn right I didn’t! How can this keep going on?

  16. Donald says:

    Noticed a charge for $9.38 from Never purchased anything from this site. Filed a fraud claim with our bank and they removed the charge. How do these people get the card #, and when or what will it take to shut them down? Why aren’t the Feds getting involved? From what I have read, this has been going on for years.

  17. Lisa says:

    I was hit today with a charge on my debit card for the $4.60 from Decoration Art LLC. I have had no problems in the past *until* I placed an order on [deleted].

    My card has been cancelled and although it is a small amount, it is a big headache.

  18. Alberta says:

    I was charged $4.60 from Decoration Art LLC on my credit card don’t know how they got my card number!!!!!!!!!!!! my card has been cancelled

  19. Tim says:

    Just had a $4.60 from decoration art llc. Went to BBB and believe it or not, they only had seven complaints against them listed as the screen art. Hopefully more folks will start complaining with the BBB in the future.

  20. Bill says:

    Had a $4.60 charge from Decoration Art LLC. There were two charges on my account for the same amount, one was a + and one was a -.

    Called my bank and cancelled the card. They were aware of it and had sent an email regarding the activity.

    Not sure what complaining to the BBB will do, since the phone number is cancelled….so it’s highly unlikely that there’s anyone in the offices located at 1178 Alta Vista St in Jacksonville, Florida (found that on Google).

  21. Jennifer says:

    Also hit by Decoration Arts llc for $4.60. Called my bank and immediately canceled my debit cards, they credited the money back to the account. Always check your bank statements!

  22. Debbie says:

    I was charged $4.60 from decoration art llc on 1/31/11. I called my bank and they said I need to call the company to dispute it. I will print these comments from others and attach them to my dispute form for the bank. I have also cancelled my card.

  23. Jim U. says:

    We got hit with a charge for $4.60 from Decoration Art back in November. Thanks to this page, we were able to go down to the bank and convince them that we didn’t make this charge.

    Really, if you’re going to steal from somebody’s bank account, do it for more than $4.60. That’s just insulting.

    The bank charged us $5.00 to cancel the card, but reversed the charge of $4.60, leaving us 40 cents poorer for the experience.

    Anyway, thanks for having this info online: it made it easier for us to deal with the bank. New cards issued and in use now. Decoration Art can now use the old number(s) all they want. :-/

    – Jim

  24. Tina says:

    I have a pending charge to my check card in the amount of $4.60 from Decoration Art LLC. The rep from my bank googled the company’s name then phone number and like me found your site. So unfortunate that so many people are getting their $ taken from these people! Hope something can be done soon!

  25. David says:

    I also was just charged $4.60 from Decoration Art LLC. You would think by now this person would have been arrested.

  26. Amy says:

    Just looked at my bank account this morning. Was hit by Decoration Art LLC. It is located 1178 Alta Vista St Jacksonville, FL 32205. In the amount of $7.60 on 2-2-11.
    Did my own Google search and found this page.

    Related Companies: :
    * Michael A Lee
    * Decoration Art LLC (3-23-10 incorporated) currently active.
    * Pdaplusmore.Com, LLC

    There are 3 listings at this address:
    1178 Alta Vista St Jacksonville, FL 32205

    Phone Number: 904-693-2471. Called on February 3, 2011, at 5:57am Disconnected.
    Other Phone Number: (904) 263-5578.

    I am filing with the Florida BBB as well,

    Granted it’s not a huge amount but it’s my hard earned money.

  27. Robert says:

    Add me to the Decoration Art, LLC scam for $7.60. How have they been able to continue this for several months without any legal entity tracking them down?

  28. brmorris says:


    That’s the genius of these small charges — much goes unnoticed and the ones that are noticed are way too small for law enforcement to deal with… They are playing the system.

  29. MikeN says:

    I almost had the $4.60 charge from Decoration Art LLC, but my bank called me to check if I had actually bought anything from them. I told them I never heard of them and they reversed the charge. Maybe the banks are catching on to what this company is trying to do.

  30. Robert says:

    Update on the reason for the small charges: In my case, MasterCard charges our bank $15 for the chargeback process, so we obviously suspense the loss and fund the reimbursement. We are obviously not going to put any further legal effort towards such a small amount, thus the scam is allowed to continue below any radar and with no corrective action.

  31. Grainger says:

    I was hit too, and my card co (Barclays/Card Services…I wonder if that makes a difference???)
    took care of the charge. ***The broader question is why cant the merchant bank for Decoration Art turn their Merchant Account off?***

  32. DOROTHY JONES says:

    I have been charged$113.27 for what I don’t know. I ordered a free sample on the internet and stupidly gave my card number to cover postage of $3.06.

    I have received the free sample and nothing else. Neither have I ordered anything. Intela has been instructed to cancel my card and my bank is looking into the matter.

  33. jodie says:

    Has anyone found a charge of .01 cents on their accounts by DBD Designs, LLC. From my digging I can deduce that it was originally from a company called flippieslippies because their charges come from DBD designs. Don’t really feel that a penny is enough to hassle the company over but I am getting a new card though.

  34. Michelle M says:

    I got hit with four $25.00 charges from “CRAIGSLIST.ORG” today. As we all know, Craigslist doesn’t charge for their services, so that makes this very obviously fraud. The following is the detailed transaction info. Note that “Cardholder” ALWAYS shows my full name on valid transactions and there is always a city followed by the state. This one has an odd numeric city.

    Cardholder: Not Available
    Merchant Category: ADVERTISING SERVICES
    Merchant Phone Number: Not Available
    Merchant Location: 04155666394, CA

  35. Marie P says:

    I had a processing charge on my statement for $1.36, albeit a small amount I know I didn’t do any business with Pinnacle Towers in Idaho. I canceled my card and the charge dropped off. Couple days before that a company called Surcouf Internet tried to withdraw $235.80.. luckily it was declined bcuz I didn’t have enuf funds to cover it. It’s a foreign computer company and I’m positive I didn’t buy anything from them! Needless to say, its nerve wrecking to know people can access and spend your hard earned money way too easily. Stay diligent!

  36. jessica rogel says:

    I noticed a charge on my debit card for 9.99 last month for a company called support squad never heard of it before so I called thew number and while i was on hold i started to check previous months on my statement and i realized they have been charging me 9.99 a month since aug 2010 man was i mad and all they could say was they could only return one back cause they need to envestagate if it was me who approved the charges !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the worse thing is that this is my unemployment money that i get on a debit card that there taking it out of i got four kids and no job and i have no idea how to resolve this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Richard F says:

    these guys charged me $5.95 this month … so I did a search and they have been charging me $5.95 per month for a year .. and I have no idea who they are. I never authorized it. Did my bank acct get hacked? I cancelled my card …. which is a debit card .. and it showed up again!

  38. kc says:

    I have 23 fraud charges a month on my account all under $10 all from a Google then * and a name ie GOOGLE *rich Jones or GOOGLE *android market. Funny thing is I don’t have an Android phone why would I use their market? And Ive only used the card 2 times once at an atm and once at a redbox. I have $20 from my paycheck that automatically gets deposited onto this pre paid card and I kept it up in a closet to save for Christmas…. So when I went to withdrawl money… Suprise I’m about $300 short. Someone told me it was probably a scanner in the atm and they take $ little at a time so u don’t notice. I’ve had it in the closet for 3 months and I had purchases pop up even this morning

  39. rob says:

    I had 74.95 charged by, but they were very helpful in removing it. Blame the initial biller that took the fraudulent charge. And the card companies for not matching address with CC#. the idiot that used the number was buying a porn subscription.

  40. Eric Smith says:

    I had 2 fraudulent charges from CRAIGSLISTORG XXXXX6394 CA on 11/16/11. Disputing them now and notified Craigslist.

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