Windows XP, Windows 7 and the Future

I have continued to sell Windows XP on new and used systems, with a few exceptions right after Vista was released. I know it so well and can support it really well, and it is compatible with almost everything, so I’m inclined to continue selling it for quite a while. There are two things that I see potentially finally moving the world away from XP to Windows 7:Как штукатурить откосы

Security. Windows XP is just getting hammered right now. The bad guys are really sophistocated and are infecting machines and an incredible pace. I see Microsoft letting XP go and focusing all their resources on securing Windows 7. As Windows XP continues to be as vulnerable as ever, Microsoft will do everything they can to keep the same thing from happening in Windows 7. As users go crazy, they will either find good protection, move to a Mac or Windows 7.

Multitouch. The Apple iPhone and iPod Touch have opened up so many amazing ways to interact with a computer. I see this really catching on and starting to change the post-DOS input world.

Dell Downgrade Service to XP – PHOTOS

I wrote earlier about Dell saving XP with their simple, customer-friendly policy to allow you to buy a Windows Vista Business license and they will ship the computer with XP installed. They call it “Windows Vista Business Bonus.”

Here is what it looks like on their website when configuring a computer (this is a Latitude D630):

You’ll see the Windows Vista(R) Business Bonus, which is available at no extra cost!

I received an Optiplex 330 today in which I ordered the Vista Business Bonus from Dell:

Here is the license sticker:

Dell included this Vista DVD:

And they included this XP CD:

When I turned on the computer for the first time —

This is just a fantastic thing Dell is doing.  They make it SO easy for someone to downgrade from Vista to XP!

To Vista or Not to Vista

As I posted last week, XP is here to stay, so the war won’t be as fierce as I first thought after June 30, 2008. However, you still have to make a decision — XP or Vista? For home users it will be difficult to get XP, since Dell will make XP available on business machines only (unless demand changes their mind). Here is a Pro/Con list for why to get Vista:


  • Vista looks pretty


I’m still trying to figure out any other benefits of Vista, I’ll revisit this post if I find some.

Here’s a great quote that summarized my views (by Galen Gruman, executive editor at InfoWorld):

Over the past year, CIOs and CTOs have consistently told me they see no significant benefits to Vista, and really don’t want to spend the time and money to update all their computers, retrain their users, and deal with application incompatibilities for a cosmetic upgrade.

XP here to stay

Well, my prediction is wrong already (Summer Predictions). I can see clearly what will happen now. Microsoft will not extend the deadline, June 30, 2008 will be the end of OEM XP sales. However, Microsoft does allow downgrades to Windows XP (see this Word doc) if you own Vista Business or Vista Ultimate. The big computer manufacturers that cater to business will make an option available where you buy Vista Business, but they downgrade it for you and ship it with XP loaded. This has already been announced by Dell (Dell Downgrade Service). Lenovo’s program looks a little different, since you do it yourself.  Here is a good story with more details.

This means life will continue with the better OS.

Summer Predictions

[NOTE 4/23/08, please make sure to read “XP is here to stay“]

As I blogged in my previous post (Xpublicans vs. Vistacrats), I believe this is be a contentious summer for the IT industry. I want to go on record now with my predictions of what will happen.

With lots of kicking and screaming in the background, July 1 the big manufacturers will stop selling computers with XP, as the kingdom of Microsoft has decreed. After about one month of this new world, Dell, HP, Lenovo will look at their sales and find that their shareholders will be VERY unhappy looking at the results when enterprise stops buying. Vista is dead for business. With computers sales dropping off a cliff, Microsoft will cave in to the pressure and allow XP once again.

I think there’s a chance that the companies may use all this to their advantage, to encourage sales of new computers, then Microsoft will extend the deadline at the last minute.

These may be wishful predictions, because I’m not sure that Vista is supportable. I don’t know if I can please my customers because of its inherent defects. I’ll post about that soon..

XPublicans vs. Vistacrats

It looks like just when the Presidential race is heating up with the Democratic nominee fighting against John McCain, another divisive race will be heating up as well, XPublicans against Vistacrats. Another race with conservatives against liberals, traditional vs. cutting edge. It will be war!

July 1, 2008 will be the beginning with everyone taking side, with some being moderate and being open to each camp.

We all know that Microsoft are all Vistacrats, that’s easy, how about the everyone else:

-Computer manufacturers — I don’t know, maybe Vistacrats in order to sell new, expensive hardware to everyone, but maybe moderates once sales of new computers fall dramatically in July 2008 and force Microsoft to allow XP sales indefinitely.

-Software companies – Vistacrats, how else can you get users to buy you new software unless the old version won’t work on Vista. Why else would you buy new software when it works fine (hello, Intuit)?

– Businesses — XPublicans, no doubt. Why buy expensive new hardware to run something that has not one benefit for business users. (Possibly hyperbole.)

– Consultants/indie computer stores – XPublicans. How can we make businesses happy with Vista? I think downgrades to XP is the only way to please.

– Tech media – XPublicans, that’s been shown already:

– Home users – Moderates, some users just need internet and that doesn’t matter. Some savvy users will be ticked and will stay with XP.

– Games – XPublicans for sure. XP = fast; Vista = slow, hmm?

My advice — stick with XP!