I have spent over 16 years in the technology field and about 30 years playing with computers. You might be surprised to read this on my “Why Choose Me?” page, but I do not have any formal computer training or education. I have no certifications. I have taught myself.

With as much as things change, and how fast they change, my primary skill is to be able to learn, learn fast, troubleshoot and figure things out.

My formal education is in Finance, Accounting and Investments. Not coincidently, my specialty is working with financial advisors. With my inside knowledge of finance and my in-depth knowledge of technology, I know all about what financial advisors do and how to help their practices.

I do not work for any hardware, software, or internet provider, so if you have a problem and they blame one another for your problems, I am good at mediating between the parties and figuring out who is actually to blame.

I pride myself on charging what I am worth.  If I work on your problem and can’t fix it, I won’t bill you.   I don’t have large minimum fees to work on your issues, either.