How to fix Dodge Grand Caravan rear blower motor resistor – with pictures

I have a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan and the rear blower for the air conditioner stopped working except for on the highest setting. From my quick checking it looks like this should also apply to 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country.  Here are my instructions on how it fix it yourself:

Pickup the resistor (when the fan is on 4, it bypasses the resistor), so you must replace it. I bought it at the local Dodge dealer — part number 5019189AA. The list price is shown to be $21.20.

Grab yourself a 5/16″ socket and ratchet and get started. It only took me about 10 minutes. This grate pictured below is where the blower motor is located:

Pull this plastic strip straight up, it will pop off. Pull the whole thing off and set it aside.

Then pull the side panel off. I had some trouble getting this off and could only comfortably get the bottom clip off, so I just replaced it by bending the panel back like shown.

This is the blower motor resistor. Remove those two screws with your 5/16 socket. Be careful not to drop them in the nest of wires.

Pull the resistor out and pull back the red tab to unlock the thumb lever and push down on that lever and pull:

This is the old resistor…hmm that goo coming out the side can’t be good. Put in the new resistor (you can handle that). At this point, go test the blower motor to make sure you did it right. Make sure to try both knobs if you can’t get it to work (front and rear).

I pulled this white clip out of the metal and placed it back in the plastic panel. Make sure the one above it is correct, too.

I first put the front flaps back underneath, then popped in the clips in the back.

Make sure that the weatherstrip is over top of the panel.


That should do it! If this helped or you can help make this better, please comment below.


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  1. T. Ariail says:

    Mr. Morris,

    Our 2002 Grand Caravan has a similar issue. In our case, both blowers only work on “high” with the issue happening to both this past week.

    I checked the fuses but didn’t find anything. Strange it happened to both at the same time. Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Tom Ariail

  2. T. Ariail says:

    Thanks. The front was as easy as opening the glove box (pinching in the rear stops) and your step-by-step directions for the rear made it easy and saved a small fortune the dealership wanted to charge. Both jobs took less than 20 minutes. The biggest challenge was getting the correct resistors.

    Thanks again!

  3. Shadi says:

    I changed the front blower motor and resistor and the rear resistor too from my 2001 grand caravan.
    The rear part is mich easier. With the front one you there are two ways, the dodge way which recommends removing the instrument panel and so dealing with the heater motor from upview ( this way is easier because of the screws), and the other way is removing the glove box and bending down and removing the motor blower cover which has 5 screws and two of them are really tough to deal with, so make sure you have an extension for the screw driver.

    Good luck.

  4. Shadi says:

    And make sure when you get out all the screws of the heater motor cover to remove the recirculation air door from the actuator. Only by that you can remove the cover completely and have space to change the motor.m

  5. Traci says:

    I put the rear blower motor resistor in and the air started to blow then stopped again. Is it the blower motor that i have to change.

  6. Shadi says:

    Yes change the motor, same thing happened with me and I had to replace the resistor again, and install a new motor. All is perfect now.

  7. Bill Graham says:

    I’m getting ready to have to tackle this. Both front and rear are behaving this way. If the resistors don’t fix the problem, are there then two motors to replace as well? I assume so, but I’m not finding people talking multiples with regards the blower motor so I thought I’d ask.

  8. Dave says:

    Anyone have pictures or instructions, or both to replace the rear blower. I took my rear quarter all apart but could not figure out how to get the old blower out.

  9. trent says:

    if thr back resister is gone could it affect the front one? I put a new front one in but it never worked and the back blower only works on high could the back one interfere with the front blower not working? thanks

  10. Shari says:

    Last night my rear blower started making a loud noise. It sounded like a jackhammer in the back of the van. I found this today and took it apart. I found a piece of insulation tape with black gooey stuff on it had fallen into the motor. I removed the tape and everything seems to run quietly now. Should I be concerned that the tape came off? I couldn’t see anyplace obvious that it had come from but it obviously came from somewhere.

  11. Ben Holladay says:

    Your video was a huge help! Solved our issue and easily repaired for much much cheaper than we feared. THANK YOU!

  12. Ron says:

    hi – would this be the same location for an ’07 with climate control that uses the (rear) power module? many thanks.

  13. says:

    This is a great help. We replaced the resistor in the front but now the rear (that was on high) is not running. Looks like it’ll be a double. Does anyone still have the video for the removal of the motors.

  14. Jason Crisel says:

    I have a 2010 sxt 3.8l an Michael e seems to be set up a little differently. Can anyone help explaining where this part goes?

  15. Valerie Terbush says:

    Thank you! I replaced the front resistor with no problem, but I had a lot of trouble finding the correct part for the rear resistor until I saw your instructions. All fixed now and works great!

  16. Jason Crisel says:

    Same issue here, rear not blowing at all. I replaced that rear dohicky and it worked just fine.

  17. Bridgett says:

    Well just to make any women reading this string feel good. It was pretty simple and I did it myself. Took me about a half hour to do both. Thanks for the step by step instructions on the back. The front was actually a little easier. No panels to pull back and deal with

  18. Yaning Li says:

    Thank you for the step by step photo instruction and every detail I needed. BTW my local Dodge dealer’s Mopar part price is $98.20, so I choose O’Reilly witch is $21 and it works fine.

  19. Chris Magnuson says:

    I have an 02 Grand Caravan and the rear blower motor seams to be working fine except the interior lights go dim then normal and back and forth. That’s problem, the biggest problem is there is no airflow to the rear cabin even tho the blower motor is running in all speeds. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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