[SOLUTION] HP Pavilion dv7 wireless disabled

I have a client that brought their HP Pavilion dv7 in because they couldn’t get it to view any available wireless networks (the wifi seems to be off). I tried for a while, but couldn’t get the wireless light (on the F12 key) to turn blue (it was orange). Here is what I figured out:Гиппопотам

Click on the triangle in the system tray (near the clock), right-click on the HP Connection Manager icon (if you hover it will tell you wifi and LAN status), make sure it is not in Airplane mode and choose to turn the Wi-fi On.

After I turned it on, I wasn’t able to get it back to the strange disabled state, so please share any more insights below.

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  1. mohammed sale says:

    right click on my computer and select manage,go to
    device manager and select network adapters,uninstall the wireless adapter,after uninstalling then refresh the adapters in other re-scan the adapters for re-installation,hope that will work.

  2. Michael says:

    I just had a user call with the same issue. She was trying to work from home and could not get the wireless on.

    We found that the computer was in Airplane mode, but neither of us know how it got there. Obviously the system is working correctly (e.g. not a bug) by turning off the wireless when in airplane mode. Just would be nice to know how a user can accidentally toggle to that state so they can avoid doing so in the future.

    Mohammad…????? Why would one uninstall/reinstall the network adapter because a laptop ends up in airplane mode? Non sequitur.

  3. Hec says:

    Had the same problem with my dv7 – wifi light wouldn’t turn blue and couldn’t find networks. I did what Mohammed said and it worked. Thank you Mohammed.

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