Comcast Cable Internet for $25/month!

For those of you that refuse to pay $45/month for internet, here is another option. Comcast has an economy plan in some areas in which you pay $24.95 per month and get 768Kbps download speeds. They do not advertise this, but have it as an option to compete against Verizon’s 768K service. They also use it as a way to get dial-up users to finally give it up.

Lately in Pittsburgh, they have sent letters saying they are pulling the plug on analog phone customers, and that they must switch to Comcast Digital Voice. Then they offer TV and internet packages along with the phone service. They will include the Economy High Speed Internet in some of these package to keep the monthly cost low.

I am unsure if you must rent the modem or not…

Source: Wikipedia

Also, I read it in my January bill announcing rate increases.

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